Yin Yang

We bet that lady, who helped a lost tourist and also spared some change for a homeless man (bless her), wasn’t thinking too much about increasing her karma levels. And by acting selflessly, perhaps she doubled the value of her good deeds.

While we doubt that qualifies her to win the million-pound jackpot (although you never know), we do think she’ll get back a ton of positive energy, or at least a seat on her busy train to work.

To find out what your karma level is and whether you’re behaving altruistically, we’ve designed the Karma Calculator. Let us do the maths, while you do the deeds.

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Do you always hold the door open for someone behind you?

  • Always, it's good manners to hold the door open
  • No, everybody is capable of holding the door for themselves
  • Occasionally, sometimes I forget or I am in a rush
  • Only when it's an elderly, disabled or someone with a pushchair
  • Most of the time I do
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Do you always say 'bless you' when someone sneezes?

  • No, it's uneccessary
  • Yes, always when I can
  • Only to people I know
  • Yes, how could you not?!
  • Most of the time, not always
Image Source q3

Do you offer to help your friend with carrying bags if they carry more than one?

  • Sometimes, only if they are really heavy
  • Definitely, if my hands are free!
  • No, if they wanted me to, they'd ask
  • When I can be bothered
  • Yes, I always offer, even if it's not heavy
Image Source q4

Do you donate to charity?

  • Yes, I donate to two or more charities every month
  • I donate to charity at least once a year
  • I donate to at least one charity every month
  • No, I do not donate to charity
  • Occasionally, I will donate to Comic Relief, Sports Relief etc.
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Would you help a mother carry her pushchair up the stairs? Or someone with a suitcase?

  • No, it's a nuisance
  • Only if someone else hasn't
  • Yes, I always help people lift heavy objects up the stairs
  • Sometimes, if I am not in a rush
  • I do try to help when I can
Image Source q6

Would you work in a charity shop/soup kitchen voluntarily for one day?

  • Yes, I would - one day is the least I can do
  • No, I wouldn't work for free
  • Yes, I currently do this
  • Maybe, if I had the time
  • Yes, only if I was required to
Image Source q7

Would you stop to help a lost tourist?

  • I'd point them in the direction of a station to ask for help
  • No, there are maps for that!
  • Maybe, if I'm not in a rush and know the way
  • Yes, even if I'm unsure myself
  • Most of the time
Image Source q8

Would you give spare change to a homeless person?

  • I ignore them
  • No, I don't think people should give money to homeless people
  • Most of the time I do
  • I apologise for not being able to give them any change
  • Yes, always
Image Source q9

If someone dropped a £10 note and you saw, would you return it to them?

  • Yes, you should return it immediately, even it means going out of your way
  • Yes, and if I lost them in a crowd I would return it to the shop/a police officer or donate it to charity
  • No, if they didn't notice, it's mine!
  • Consider keeping it, but then return it to them
  • Wait until they're gone and then keep it
Image Source q10

Would you offer your seat to an elderly, pregnant or disabled person?

  • No, they'll have to wait
  • Most of the time
  • Always, they need the seat more than I do
  • I'll wait until I am asked by the person
  • I wait until someone else offers their seat
Image Source q11

Would you stop someone being verbally abused in a public space?

  • Maybe, only if it was escalating
  • Yes, I would step in even if it mean endangering myself
  • Yes, I would call for help (i.e. the police)
  • I would wait for someone else to intervene
  • No, it's not my business
Image Source q12

If you bought someone a gift would you expect someone to give you one back?

  • Yes, I will expect a gift back
  • I would be bothered if I didn't receive a gift back
  • Maybe, depending on how much the gift was
  • It would be nice, but it doesn't bother me
  • No, you shouldn't give gifts to expect any back
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You are the Karma King or Queen! You are extremely compassionate and selfless in situations, putting others before yourself. With this score, your karma levels are extremely high – no worries here! Well done!