Saving for retirement

How to Save For Retirement Like a Pro

There’s an elephant in the room: retirement. Statistics show that most of us aren’t doing enough to save for that later part of life, instead spending our money where we think it counts. This is a problem that rears its head as you grow older, restricting your finances.

How to find the perfect job

Advanced Job Hunting Tips That Work

You’re looking for a new challenge. You might be out of work, seeking a position that will get you back on track and help keep a roof over your head. Whatever your situation, learning more sophisticated job hunting techniques is an investment in your future.

Picture of the word KARMA

Do You Attract Good Karma?

From making someone a cuppa, to rescuing a cat, to helping a friend with cash problems, good deeds come in many shapes and forms. The result, as many people believe, is good karma. It’s the notion that what goes around comes around, you reap what you sow and as we like to say: a good deed a day, keeps bad karma away.

Image of typical meal deal

Supermarket Meal Deals Under the Spotlight

If you’ve got a hectic work life, you may find supermarket meal deals to be a bit of a life saver. They can provide you with a filling lunch with absolutely no prep or cooking needed. While there might not be any substitute for a meal made from scratch, with more people having less time for their lunch than ever before, a good meal deal can be the next best thing.