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TrustTwo's mission is to be the most flexible, and competitively priced guarantor lender on the market. TrustTwo Guarantor Loans are designed specifically to help you gain access to the credit that you need at an affordable rate, even if you’ve been unable to get an unsecured loan in your name only. We understand that getting credit isn't always easy, especially if your credit rating has taken a bump or two along the way.

It's all about Joined Up Borrowing - if someone is prepared to give you a helping hand to get the loan you need, then so are we. We don't rely purely on your credit score to make a decision. If you have someone that will act as your guarantor and you can afford the repayments, your chances of successfully receiving a loan are much higher.

Our guarantor loan represents one of the cheaper borrowing options available to people who have a poor credit rating or have relied on high cost short term loans in the past.